Malko here, and I’d like to share with you how SeatShield changed a customer’s life. Meet Jackie.  

It was the perfect life - good job, a beautiful wife, adoring kids, picket fence. I had it all!  

Then, I joined a gym. That’s when everything fell apart. I toweled-off after my early morning workout, but was still a little sweaty when I got into the car.  

Later, my wife took the kids to school only to find out I had left a little of myself behind. The driver's seat was still damp with perspiration... and the smell lingered throughout their morning drive. Then, the absorbed sweat and aroma incubated in the hot car all day so that the drive home was even worse.  

The putrid stench was unforgiving… and apparently, so was my family.  

Since my wife ran the company, I lost my job too. I was out on my own - cold, hungry, and alone. I didn’t know how long I’d be able to survive like this. I fell asleep on the side of the road, just one big heap of sorrowful stench.  

When I woke up, I saw that a kind stranger had taken pity on me in the night and covered me with a blanket at all. Only it wasn’t a blanket. It was a miraculous object... soft and absorbent on one side, but clearly waterproof on the other. It had a pouch hood fit for a king's throne.   


It was a SeatShield...

and the answer to all of my problems!

I rushed home, showed-off the SeatShield, and my family welcomed me back with open arms.  

And that’s the story of how SeatShield restored my family. It was the hardest 24 hours of my life. Since then, I’ve vowed to never let another life or family be torn apart by stinky, sweaty seats. That’s why I’m committed to telling the world about SeatShield.