"How many times have you sat your perspiration-soaked body in your car, either directly on the seat or on a towel? You would be swimming in sweat, possibly damaging your car seats and leaving a bit of odor as well. Rogue River Sports has solved this problem with an easy-to-use product called SeatShield. I waited until a day when the humidity was over 90% to test the sample Rogue River Sports provided to us. After a 45 minute run, I was drenched and went straight to my car. The SeatShield was unfolded and securely covering the seat in seconds. I sat down and knew instantly that my days of sitting on towels were over. The comfortable new fabric went to work right away, allowing me to not feel as if I were in a sauna on wheels. Because it doesn't stay wet very long, bacteria don't form and the SeatShield remains odor-free. So does your car!"