PROTECTS CAR SEAT BELTS - Are you sweating through your seat belt? Our removable auto seat belt cover is 100% waterproof, breathable and odor-proof to protect your seat belt from sweat, water, dirt, and mud. It is the perfect way to comfortably block water and prevent vehicle odors after sports, exercise, outdoor adventures, or from kid spills, pet hair, or sun tan oils. SeatShield belt cover installs in seconds and is easily removable. SeatShield is the only seat protector that is USA Patented to be completely waterproof and odor-proof. Competitive products are made from cloth or neoprene that absorbs water which leads to order.

SOFT AND COMFORTABLE - Other seat belt covers use materials like nylon that stick to your skin or neoprene that holds water. SeatShield's patented moisture wicking top layer keeps the top cool and comfortable for you even when it's really hot outside.

EASY ON, EASY OFF, EASY CARE - Velcro closures hold the seat belt cover in place. Installation requires no cumbersome hooks, buttons or straps. You can remove the seat belt cover to fold or roll it up for easy storage.

UNIVERSAL FIT - One size fits all. Made in the USA and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - If it doesn't fit or you don't love it, we'll take it back. Dimensions are approximately 20 inches long. Contains 1 Seat Belt Cover. Buy 2 to protect your shoulder belt and lap belt. Approved to use with Heated Seats, leather or fabric. Warning: Do not cover side seat airbags. Machine Washable, Air dry. Seat covers sold separately.