SeatShield Disposable Seat Cover 2-Pack
SeatShield Disposable Seat Cover Safe and Clean
SeatShield Disposable Seat Cover On-The-Go Seat Protection
SeatShield Disposable Fabric seat-covers
SeatShield Non Plastic Comfort - Disposable
Seatshield disposable Seat Cover 2 Pack - One Size fits all
Easy to Install - Seatshield disposable Seat Cover 2 Pack
Disposable Seat Cover - Breathable seat covers
Seatshield disposable Seat Cover Travel Essentials

SeatShield Disposable Seat Cover 2-Pack

  • On-The-Go Seat Protection
  • Keep Clean & Safe During Bus, Train, and Airplane Travel
  • Non-plastic Comfort & Water-Resistance
  • Universal Fit and Convenient Install
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  • SeatShield Disposable Fabric Seat Covers - Temporary Water-Repellent Barrier Keeps People & Seats Dry, Clean, and Odor free 
  • Water-resistant
  • 2 Pack 

SeatShield Disposable Fabric seat-covers are the perfect on-the-go solution for keeping both people and seats safe and protected from spills, stains, and odor. Have you ever returned to your car after exercising or working all day and realized you cannot sit down without making a mess? Have you ever ridden public transit and not wanted to sit down on the seat? Our disposable fabric seat protectors have you covered in these situations. When folded up this 2-pack of seat covers measure 15.5”X 8.5” X 1” and weight only 8 ounces. They are small enough to store in your vehicle, purse, or gym-bag for the inevitable messy situation. When opened a single seat cover measures approximately 59” long and 31 inches wide.

Key Product Features

Weighing only 8 ounces, these disposable seat covers offer the perfect on-the-go solution to keep vehicle seats dry, clean, and odor-free. Easily stores in a glovebox or center console of your car, truck, or SUV, and can be set-up in seconds. Do not stress the next time you find yourself in a dirty situation.

Small enough to store in a purse or backpack. These seat covers keep clothes safe from spills and stains when riding public transport like buses and trains. When you are done with your trip, just dispose of the protector at the nearest trash bin.

Plastic seat-protectors are noisy, stick to skin, and can easily rip or tear. Our fabric seat-protectors are soft and comfortable, do not stick to skin, and are less noisy when moving around or driving with windows down. All while offering incredible water-resistance, superior durability and tear-resistance, and practical on-the-go convenience.

Extra-large pouch at the top of seat-cover slips over the headrest or seatback to hold it in place. The bottom of the cover is loose and drapes over the seat. Compatible with heated seats. Fits all single seats with a headrest and is perfect for a personal vehicle or public transit. Do not use with seat- integrated airbags.


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