How to Choose

Which Version of the SeatShield is best for you?

All of our SeatShields are waterproof, odor-proof, comfortable and quick to use, but the UltraSport and EliteSport use softer and more durable fabrics. The EliteSport adds a non-slip backing to reduce sliding on cloth and leather seats.

If the price is your main consideration and you need a light duty seat cover, the AllSport is a great value.  It's also a great race giveaway or promotional item with your logo.

If you want a really soft durable cover that is very easy to place and remove, the UltraSport is our most popular cover for good reason.  With thousands of happy customers, you can't go wrong.

If you have leather seats and want to minimize any sliding of the cover as you get in and out of your car, or if you plan to leave the cover on the seat for a while, the EliteSport is your best choice. EliteSport is also the best choice for pets who love to move around.


Product Waterproof, Sweatproof, Odor-proof Machine Washable Soft Microfleece Top Layer Non-Slip Bottom Layer Size
AllSport Seat Cover YES YES NO NO 27.5" x 57"
UltraSport Seat Cover YES YES YES NO 27.5" x 57"
EliteSport Seat Cover YES YES YES YES 29" x 60"
Seat Belt Covers YES YES YES NO 20" Long
Blankets YES YES YES NO 54" x 70"

How to choose a waterproof seatshield for your car seat